A content marketing calendar will map all of your marketing/ promotional campaigns and your social media plan. Think about what content you can share across various channels that will support your business objectives. You can also use the calendar to collect your thoughts and ideas for future posts, campaigns and marketing ideas to develop.

We created the 2020 Marketing Content Calendar to guide you to an organized and effective overall plan of action for all of your marketing strategies in the upcoming year!

Content Types and Platforms

  • What types of content and which social media platforms are you using this year? (Video, Facebook, Blogs, Livestream, Newsletters, etc.)
  • Frequency of posting, publishing, emailing or mailing
  • Links to any assets needed (images, photos, PDF, slide deck, etc)


Your 2018 Roadmap (Planning Calendar)

  • Use this worksheet to plan your major events, themes, campaigns and goals for each month
  • Customize the Q1-Q4 areas with the specific marketing strategies you plan to utilize this year
  • Next you can plan out the specific content for the entire year by category


Weekly Content Calendar

  • Plan your weekly social media and blog content
  • Are you following a unique theme or topic for the month? Maybe you have a special promotion for the month?
  • How about unique content for days of the week? (Monday Motivation, Throwback Thursday, Tuesday Home Tips, etc.)
  • Catalog the images and text you will use for each of the platforms


Tracking Your Metrics

  • Track the results of your marketing efforts by recording weekly/monthly everything from your followers, comments, page views, open rates and more.


Hashtags & CTAs

  • Identify your primary and secondary Hashtags for the various types (Industry, your brand, niche, etc.)
  • Know what and where you want to drive traffic to from your social sites
    • Landing Page (Home search, Home Value Report)
    • Your Website
    • Call, email or text you
  • Write your CTA’s (Calls to Action) and have several variations


Ideas – Use this area to jot down ideas to develop and use later!




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