Here is your update for March 20th:


1.  Green Valley Office Access – The property manager sent us a notice this morning that effective Monday, the building will be locked to general, public access – which also means deliveries and the mail!  So, effective Monday, Irene will be working from home and the GV office will be accessible to those of you who have a GV key fob or card.  We have 6 available FOBs right now – first come , first served.  The cost is $75 to be billed to your HCA account or check made out to Home Connect America.  Contact Irene at 702-749-7999 or gvadmin@homeconnectamerica.ocm to coordinate today.

If you have key FOB access to GV, please follow the safety protocols outlined in the docs we have shared with you.

2. Wire Instructions and ACH for Escrows – See attached for both.  Read Dawn’s email yesterday with all the details.
3. COVID-19 Addendum/Amendment – we are waiting on the version from LVR – hopefully today and will keep you posted when we get it!  DO NOT USE the CAR or other state addenda you may be finding online.  We will review and approve the form from LVR and share it with you as soon as it is available.

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