It’s All About Connection!

We see YOU as a small business owner.  Home Connect America was created to help professionals like you build a successful real estate team.  Our purpose is to help you seamlessly connect your business, your life, and your community so that you realize your ultimate goals and dreams.  We are authentic and choose our words carefully, so when we say something, we mean it.

Your Business

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with freedom.  Everyone has a different objective and we believe that you should have the freedom to achieve what you want.  We’ll be there to help you reach whatever that looks like for you.  We make it happen with specialized coaching, training, and business systems designed to show you how to operate a successful business focused on providing excellent service and results.

Your Life

We advocate a balanced life, and as such, our business coaching and planning is framed around the big picture.  So often, people focus on the short-term and long-term and forget that there is a whole lot of life to live and enjoy in between.  By creating the business that achieves your personal outcome you will not only be more passionate about your career, but you’ll also be happier and have a heck of a lot more fun!

Your Community

We are passionate about empowering and connecting people.  Connecting agents, teams, neighbors, cities, and beyond not only creates cohesiveness but also collaboration, respect, trust, & loyalty.  By doing so, things simply become easier. Dreams and aspirations are met.  Just think about how much better off you are when you are on the same page with others as opposed to doing things only for or by yourself.

Finally, a brokerage that is truly dedicated to the agent and in complete support of team building.  It is such an easy concept, yet it has been unachieved in the industry.  Until Now…

Rich Brodkin

Rich Brodkin

Co-Founder | CEO

I’m the first to tell you that I’m is no more important than any agent who comes to work here. If ever there was a team effort or a “we’re in it together” mentality, this place has it, which has proven to be a win-win. A win for the agents (new and seasoned) who have an outstanding track record and a win for the company which is growing at a phenomenal pace. We are a people and company made up of “like-minded” individuals. We believe in diversity and the dignity of all people. We treat our clients and each other with mutual respect. We believe in “self-responsibility” and do not blame others for things that go wrong. We look at the company as “our” company. It’s a place where we all experience both “personal and professional” growth and an environment that brings out the best in each of us.

Coordinate a Confidential Connection... (btw, the grass IS greener!)