Today we conclude our series on how to Be a Real Estate Business Owner with how you stay connected to your past clients and your SIO.

Post-Closing Follow-up

  • Closing gift
  • Host a house warming/welcome to the neighborhood party
  • Just moved kit (personalized return of address labels, postcard announcement
  • Closing statement/letter follow-up to mail January 1
  • Introduce your Client Appreciation Program
  • Episode 31 – Best of the podcast has 4 Key Connections and Local Business Spotlight

Create Your Client Appreciation Program

Create a letter or email that introduces your program and outlines the benefits to the client. Here are two examples to get you started – just revise and customize to include the details of your program.

Dear [Client]:

Let me take just a moment of your time to introduce a complimentary service I provide for my clients.

It features regular updates and analysis of our local and national real estate market, a referral directory of local businesses and services, an annual analysis of the market value of your home, invitations to our annual client appreciation party and a whole host of other helpful information you’ll receive on a regular basis.

I am dedicated to bringing you the excellent customer service that you deserve – and nothing less!

I look forward to staying in touch and I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve you as your Real Estate Professional.


Four Key Connections

  1. Closing Settlement Statement
  2. Home Anniversary Card Email and/or Call
  3. Birthday Card, Email and/or Call
  4. Annual Home Valuation

30-40 Connection Plan

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Holiday Cards
  • Market/ Neighborhood Updates
  • Personal Notes
  • Pop-By’s
  • Calls/Lunches for A+ and A Clients

SendOut Cards


Ask for referrals!

  • Oh by the way … Who do you know…
  • Reward your referrals
    • Movie Tickets
    • Gift Cards
    • Car wash
    • Gas cards
  • Referral language in your email signature, letters, mailers

Cross Endorsement Program (Groupon Idea)

  • Series of cross-promotional endorsements between you and other business
  • Each endorsement must include a benefit to recipient (coupon, discount, item of value)
  • Local Business Spotlight
  • Promote in your monthly newsletter

Referral Directory

  • Send a letter to your database to see if they have a business or a service to promote
  • Follow-up with a phone call to discuss
  • Create a Directory (Hard Copy and/or Online)

Educational Seminars

  • Real Estate Portfolio/Investing
  • Home Selling & Buying Process
  • Local Market Update
  • Protecting Your Assets, Trust, Wills, Financial Planner
  • Credit Repair and Credit Scores

Quarterly Thank You mailers or In-person delivery

  • Batteries for smoke detectors
  • Gift cert for house cleaning
  • Book with a personal note
  • Gift Basket with local products

Client Appreciation Week

  • Consider implementing a week of Client Appreciation. Plan and coordinate something special either mailed, emailed, or texted every day for a week.

Client Appreciation Event Ideas

  • Holiday Party
  • Rent out a theater – weeknight
  • Fundraising events
  • Host a local event (sports, super bowl, etc.)
  • Donation in the client’s name
  • Newer restaurant, pub – co-promotion
  • Rent a Food truck
  • Host a Private Wine Tasting
  • Small dinner party at your home
  • Happy Hour event at a local venue
  • Take everyone to a baseball game
  • Early Halloween party with canned food donations
  • Summer BBQ at your office, home or local park
  • Bowling Alley party
  • Create a family fun fair with face painting, games, etc.
  • Host a blood drive
  • Host a block party for a neighborhood that you work or live in
  • Host a game night