Business Owner Mindset – It All Starts Here!

How do you answer the question … What do you do for a living?

“I am a real estate business owner!”

  • Are you just a salesperson or do you truly own and run a successful business?
  • Do you have a written business plan and goals?
  • Have you implemented effective systems for your business?
  • Are you in control of your schedule?
  • Do you block time daily to attract new business?

The Four Cores of Every Business

  1. Operations
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Referrals

Building Your Brand

  • Who Are You and What Do You Do?
    • Do you have a clear message that builds trust?
    • Does your online presence reflect the true you?
    • Are you transparent and authentic?
  • Who Do You Serve?
    • Who is your perfect client?
    • What is your niche or specialty?
  • How Do You Do it?
    • How are you different?
    • What makes you and your service or product unique?
    • Why should someone choose you?

Episode 29   Defining Your Brand | What is Your Brand Mantra?

Episode 30 – Building Your Visual Brand | 3 Keys to Managing Your Brand 

Be a Real Estate Business Owner – Operations

Operations refers to the day-to-day activities of being IN your business!

  • For real estate, it’s taking listings, showing homes, writing and negotiating offers, managing the escrow to closing, communicating with other agents, lenders, escrow and all other parties to a transaction including the buyer or seller
  • How much time are you spending IN your business?
  • Do you make time to work ON your business?

Solopreneur vs. Team

Leverage the power of a transaction coordinator or assistant

Create an Operations Manual

A Real Estate Operations Manual …Why you need one!

  • Written procedures for the primary pillars of your business operation will provide consistency, efficiency
  • It’s a reflection of your expectations and standards for all team members
  • Create checklists, job descriptions and clear tasks for every member of your team
  • Your manual becomes your training document when onboarding new team members
  • It is a Key asset for your eventual Exit Strategy
  • You can build it as you go (don’t get overwhelmed … it is a process!)
  • Leverage your admin staff to help you create the written procedures as required
  • What are those key pillars of any business?
    • Business Plan & Goals
    • Database Management & Referrals
    • Lead Generation & Marketing
    • Client Service Pre, During and Post Sale
    • Financial Management & Operations

For Real Estate Agents, Teams and Brokers:

  • Listing System
  • Buyer Sales System
  • Recruiting & Growth Plan
  • Hiring System
  • Retention, Training, Coaching

Download and customize the tasks and then add written procedures for any tasks that take 2 or more steps in the manual template based on how you conduct business:

  • Listings (Sellers)
  • Sales (Buyers)
  • Lead Gen – Database
  • Lead Gen – Farms
  • Lead Gen – Social Media, Internet
  • Marketing Networking
  • Hire-Onboard
  • Team Admin

Here is how we recommend you get started working on this project;

  1. Work on Listing & Sales tabs first (use any checklists or procedures you already have in place)
  2. Revise and customize the tasks for both areas (essentially everything you do from A to Z when working with a buyer and seller)
  3. Use the columns to identify who is responsible for the tasks now (and who would do what for future team members and growth)
  4. Next, write the procedures for any task that requires 2 or more steps.  Use screenshots to illustrate steps if applicable.  You can also use screen capture software to record video tutorials (Snag-it, Camtasia, ScreenFlow)

Use your CRM!  A great CRM is more than a contact management system!

Design and follow a perfect week

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