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At Home Connect America, we believe that we all win when we are given the tools to succeed.  Our turn-key business planning system walks you through the process via instructionsal videos and business building guides & spreadsheets to download so you can plan your year with ease.

Learn and implement the three steps to real estate agent goal setting and business planning. 1) Write your goals and desired outcomes; 2) Create a written business action plan; 3) Measure and track your activities and results. Detailed tutorials on how to customize the WBNL Coaching Business Plan templates.  Click the link below to get started.

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Attitude + Action = Attraction

Attitude + Action = Attraction

The Universal Law of Attraction states: You attract into your life whatever you focus on, give your energy and attention to.

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Keepin' It Real w/ Rich Brodkin

If you are looking for some inspiration and up-to-date analysis of what’s happening in the Las Vegas market then look no farther!  Monthly market updates and perspectives along with thoughts that will encourage you to thrive are at your fingertips.

Coach Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

A successful business person knows that the world changes with every tick of the clock!  There is so much happening in our industry and the world that we live in that it is hard to keep up.  We’ll try to give you an assist each week with something that will help you continue to be on top of your game.

Real Estate Team Building

Building a Team isn’t difficult if you have a plan.  Explore the blog posts to discover how to build a strong foundation and put the systems in place to thrive!  Our proprietary turnkey system has helped agents across the country build strong Teams from A to Z.

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