Dotloop Training

Once you log in to your account at, be sure to navigate to the top right under your initials to complete all the sections in My Account (Account Settings, Profiles, Document Editor Preferences).  It is important to add all the applicable information so that it will auto-populate to your documents.

Profiles > Profile Details  Some key information you will need:

  • Broker License Number: B.0143622.LLC
  • Office ID Number: HCAM (Sahara)  & HCAM02 (Green Valley)
  • Broker agent ID: 207300

Dotloop Training & Tutorials

Watch these two webinars to get a basic understanding of how to use dotloop to create and manager your transactions.  The Advanced session covers creating templates, creating a listing loop, adding docs to loops and some advanced tips.

Agent Training Manual
This manual is a high level overview of the dotloop system. it is targeted towards agents and covers everything from account setup, to working in loops, and even covers advanced account features!

We also recommend watching this playlist of 2-3 minute videos from the dotloop YouTube Channel:

More training resources that you might find helpful:

DotLoop User Community (Facebook Group)

A Complete Video Guide to Get Started 

Support Site – Type in your questions and search

Recorded Webinars – Access whenever you need; includes MOBILE app training videos

LIVE Weekly Webinars – Register for a date and time that works best for you

dotloop-A-Palooza – 12-hour marathon training held monthly, alternates hourly between basic/advanced agent training


To save time, energy, and frustration when closing your file and wanting to get paid... go to the view details page of the loop and complete all fields.  It will take you approximately 3 minutes to do this but will save you endless amounts of time at closing.  This includes rentals.  By doing this, you will be able to pull your pipeline report in BrokerSumo so you can better track your business throughout the year.  By not doing this, the transactions will not sync causing delays.