Between now and the end of the year, we are recommending and challenging you to make at least one connection with the people in you database (your sphere of influence, friends, family, past clients).  In this segment, we discuss several ideas for connections.

  1. Gratitude call, text, or mailer
  2. Pop-by with a gift (Pie before Thanksgiving, Champagne before New Year’s Day)

BONUS:  Drop off a pie or cookies to your local first responders

  1. Introduce your Client Appreciation Program
  2. Client Appreciation Event
    1. Holiday party
    2. Cookie Exchange
    3. Pie Party
    4. Host a watch party for sporting event (local teams, college bowls, super bowl)
  3. Happy Holiday card, text, call
  4. Closing Statement (send a copy of the closing statement to everyone who closed on a property with you this past year)
    Episode 51

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