Hyperlocal Newsletter – What is it?
An electronic or print newsletter you send to your client base and prospects monthly that contains compelling, interesting and fun LOCAL content about your community, neighborhood, lifestyle blended with just the right amount of real estate self-promotion and calls to action!

What can you use to create the newsletter?

  • A CRM that has an HTML editor and ability to create branded templates (we use kvCORE from Inside Real Estate at Home Connect America)
  • Mail Chimp or Constant Contact or other email marketing service (We use MailChimp for our internal company newsletter)

Content & Layout Ideas

  • Build a template you like and stay consistent with the layout and content categories – here is an example of a monthly newsletter that goes out to our Home Connect America Agents. You can swap out the header to be seasonal.
  • Use graphics, images and VIDEO!
  • Always have CTAs (Calls to action) in the body of the newsletter and/or in the footer
    • Home Search
    • Home Valuation Report or Request
    • New Homes Search
    • Download your Home Search app
  • Featured Listings
  • Neighborhood update – driving video with market stats; highlights; amenities
  • Market Update Video with stats
  • Local Business Spotlight
  • Client Testimonials – video
  • Community Events
  • Sports Team Schedules
  • Things to do in your hometown
  • Restaurant reviews

Repurpose Your  Newsletter Content for maximum reach and exposure:

  • 15-30% Open rates generally
  • Create a blog post of your newsletter content
  • Social media posts with link to your blog post
  • Send a text to your database with link to the blog post

We add new content every week - why have to think about looking for it? 

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