NOTE: Home Connect America agents, you have access to via your Agent Portal to all of the video tutorials for all of these key sites and more.

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Key Sites to Get Client Reviews, Ratings & Testimonials:

  • Business Facebook Page
  • Google My Business (formerly Places/Google Maps)
  • LinkedIn 
  • Your Website

Profile Tips

The first step to owning your online presence is to create 100% complete profiles on the key sites that show up on Google when someone does a Google search to find out more about you.

Here are some tips to follow when you create your profiles on the various platforms.

  • Be consistent with your User Name
    • The best choice is your actual name! If your name is not
      available, then add something to the end of your name and be consistent with
      that across the profiles. For example: janobrienlv, janobrienre
    • You can find out what user names are taken or available still by
      using a site like Namechk  
    • Use a professional photo (head shot)
  • For Listing Portals – use the same email you use for MLS so your
    listings will synch properly with the platform
  • Create a Word Doc with all the common profile content (use your
    completed LinkedIn profile)
  • Complete all available areas of your profile
  • Get testimonials and recommendations

Create an account
(make sure to check the box “I am a landlord or industry professional)

 Agent Hub – Profile.  Then select edit and complete the Profile and
About Me sections

Load any past sales

Go to these articles for a step-by-step guide on setting up and optimizing your profile:

Here are our tips and key takeaways:

  • Claim Your Profile on
  • Make sure to choose “Pro Sign Up”

  • Profile tips
    • Add all the cities and zip codes you service. Think of it as optimizing your profile for the agent search on
    • Your BIO – make this inviting and personable; write it in the first person.

Recommendations and Reviews

  • All reviews are verified by as documented sales via
    the MLS.
  • Your profile shows your 5 most recent reviews.
  • You have the option to turn your reviews on or off, it’s all or
  • You can add your profile to the email we recommend
  • You can also email a request for a review from your profile.
  • Enhance your reviews by adding a photo or video testimonial.
  • allows you to cut and paste reviews you have on
    other sites (there is a verification review by customer care team).

Business Facebook Page

Q: How do I
find my Facebook Page Review link?

A: Just go to your Facebook Business Page, click on the
reviews tab and you copy that URL.  You may have to turn on the Reviews in
settings for your page.  

For example, here is a link to our Home Connect America Facebook Review Page:

Google My Business

Google My Business:

Does Your Business Show Up On
Google Maps already?

Check here:

If not, let’s get it done!

1. You need a Google Account

2. Go to this link to start the process:  Alternatively,
you can also add your business information from the site

  • Enter all your business info, physical address
  • Select a business category by typing in a few words and choosing an existing category. You must choose from one of the categories – you can’t create your own.
  • Select your service area

3. Verification Process – easiest way is to
choose “Mail” and Google will send you a postcard to the business address
within 1-2 weeks. Enter the Pin Code found on that postcard in your business
listing to complete the verification process.

More Resources for Google My

Q: How to Find the Link to my Google My
Business Review Area

A: It’s a little tricky finding your URL for reviews if
you have listed your business on Google (so it shows up on Maps – know called
Google My Business).  

Here is a support article on How To Create a Link for Customer to Write Reviews:

Home Connect America – Google Business Listing Review

Steps to Claiming Your Yelp Page

Step 1 – Go here

  • Enter your name or business name and
    search to see if it’s already on Yelp. If not add it.
  • We recommend using the same format
    for your other online profiles (Google My Business) Your First Name Last Name,
     or Your First Name Last Name, Company Name

Step 2 – Add Your Business Info

Step 3 – Verify Your Business

You will get a verification email

Step 4 – Complete your profile by adding photos and all applicable information

Let’s Connect!

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