Rich Brodkin

Rich Brodkin

Co-Founder, CEO | Home Connect America

One of the things that I enjoy the most about being the co-founder and CEO of Home Connect America is providing a culture and environment that sales associates, managers, and employees can thrive within.  I have had a wide variety of experiences during my career in the corporate world and in the real estate industry, some good, some not so much, but all have led me to where I am today.

In my series, Keeping it Real, I get the opportunity to share my thoughts, perspective, and analysis with you.  I hope that you find my posts interesting, entertaining, and inspirational.  I welcome your feedback and would love to continue the conversation, so please leave a comment.

Rich shares his perspective and offers up his analysis on the Las Vegas Real Estate Market past, present, and future.  Topics Include:

  1. Economic Expansions in the US
  2. The Fastest Growing States in the Nation
  3. Population Growth
  4. Where are People Coming From?
  5. Primary Reasons for Moving to Nevada
  6. The Fastest Job Growth in the Nation
  7. Employment Growth
  8. The Changing Employment Base
  9. Fastest Growing Personal Income
  10. Housing Opportunity Index
  11. The Impact of $1 Billion Investment
  12. Home Closings
  13. Median Home Prices
  14. Fastest House Price Appreciation in the US
  15. Growth in Values Since 2005
  16. Nevada’s Homeowner Equity
  17. Median Days on Market
  18. 2019 Las Vegas Real Estate Forecast

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