Embracing the iBuyer is your new LISTING ACQUISITION STRATEGY!

Offer(s) Presentation vs. Listing Presentation

Consumers ARE going to Open Door – Zillow to find out what they would offer for cash because of the massive advertising effort ongoing now!

The iBuyer is selling and marketing:

  • Convenience – no showing your home; preparing for market
  • Certainty – cash offer that can close in 14 days now
  • Control – choose your closing date, other incentives

The Houston Association Of Realtors conducted a survey to consumers in their market area and these were their findings related to iBuyers. 80% of consumers just want knowledge and information. That information could come directly  from the iBuyer or it could come from you!


Keep your clients in the know. It’s a New year and a new message for your clients. Be the information provider before someone else does.

Next Steps

Get iREP certified – learn the process and leverage all the tools, systems and marketing materials.  The ongoing education and networking with other PROS around the country is invaluable

Listen to our Interview with Dan Noma, Jr
Episode 97 http://wbnlpodcast.com/episode97/

  • Contact me directly to get a discount code for the IREP Certification – Jan O’Brien 702-858-9191.
  • Call your Database/SOI NOW! Download the script below
  • Create a landing page – leverage the site template that comes with iREP in your marketing. Here is the one the O’Brien-Morabbi Team is using: http://selecthomesoffers.com/
  • Include information about iBUYERS in your listing marketing and presentation materials
  • Circle Prospect – Expireds – FSBOS
  • Online advertising – Facebook, Instagram
  • Your message is “let me be your trusted advisor; Why not look at multiple cash offers and compare the bottom line with placing your home on the market; Homeowner is giving up Equity for the Convenience, Certainty, and Control
  • Let your client DECIDE what’s best for them!


BONUS DOWNLOAD –  iBuyer Script for your SOIClick HERE

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