Real Estate Team Building Strategy #4: 5 Critical Steps Before Your First Recruiting Call

Before you hire your first licensed team member, here are five things you must have in place to

  1. An administrative assistant / TC already onboard
  2. Your Core Real Estate Business Systems in Place
  3. Your team model, organization and job descriptions
  4. Team Operations Manual
  5. Your Agent Recruiting Presentation – Unique Value Proposition

1. An administrative assistant / Transaction Coordinator already onboard

Your key initial player is a solid administrative assistant/transaction coordinator.  Hiring an assistant is actually first priority if you don’t already have one.  A general rule of thumb is that you are ready for an assistant when you are consistently closing 2-3 transactions each month.  The primary responsibilities of an admin assistant include:

  • Managing your marketing
  • Listing manager (List to Contract)
  • Transaction coordination (Contract to Close)
  • Administrative support
  • Database (CRM) management
  • Oversee all other team systems
  • Team admin & operations tasks
  • Support of Team Leader, Team Manager, Agents

2.  Your Core Real Estate Business Systems in Place

Our experience has proven that the following core business and real estate systems are essential to creating a productive, profitable and successful team:

  • Business and Financial Essentials
  • Team Vision, Mission, and Core Values
  • Team Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
  • Team Business Plan & Goal Setting
  • Team SOI/Referral System
  • Team Listing System
  • Team Buyer System
  • Team Farming System
  • Lead Generation & Follow-up Systems
  • Recruiting/Affiliation System


3. Your team model, organization and job descriptions

As we covered in Strategy #3, there are several model variations for real estate agent teams. Get clear about what your team model and organization is going to be to include creating specific job descriptions and expectations for each position on the team.

  • Informal Team
  • Partnership
  • Rainmaker Team
  • Niche or specialty team
  • Traditional Broker-Style Team
  • Expansion Team


4. Team Operations Manual

The true foundation of your business operation is having a written procedures and operations manual for each of the major areas of your business. The benefits of having a written procedures manual include:

  • Delegation and clarity on who is responsible for specific tasks and systems
  • Allows you to create checklists for your systems and processes
  • Becomes the core Training Document for new hires
  • Allows your Team Associates to easily plug in to your existing systems
  • Serves as a core document for your eventual exit strategy

Create written procedures for each major area of your business.

  • Listings (Sellers)
  • Sales (Buyers)
  • Lead Gen – Database
  • Lead Gen – Farms
  • Lead Gen – Social Media, Internet
  • Lead Gen – Networking
  • Hiring & Onboarding
  • Team Admin


5. Your Agent Recruiting Presentation – Unique Value Proposition

Your UVP is a succinct statement of the uniqueness of your business that sets it apart from all competitors. It defines your competitive advantage. Without the UVP, a company risks becoming lost in a sea of similar businesses. The UVP statement will often contain quantitative statements about the uniqueness of a business.

  • Precisely WHY should customers (and agents) do business with you?
  • Five questions to help you “identify” a strong value proposition:
  • Will prospective customers perceive this as an advantage?
  • Is it significantly different from what my competitors are offering?
  • Why my prospective customers actually believe in this UVP?
  • How will my customers benefit from this UVP?
  • Will this UVP motivate customers sufficiently to actually make them act?

Refine your value proposition until you can articulate it in one sentence. You should be able to communicate who your customers/clients are, what you provide to them, and why they buy/sell/ or affiliate with you. A key issue with a value proposition is – It has to be what you DO and ARE. It can’t be just what you SAY or WANT.

What is your UVP for Agent Attraction?

Create or modify your UVP to define your uniqueness as a team and to clearly state the benefits for agents.   It should answer these questions:

  • Why should an agent associate with my team?
  • What do I provide?
  • What makes my team/company unique?
  • How do I set my team/company apart from other companies?

Here are some ideas for customizing your affiliation proposal:

  • Culture
  • Company story, growth, and statistics
  • About Your Team
  • Your Leadership, Vision, Mission, Core Values
  • Training & Education
  • Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Business Building / Coaching
  • Broker & Admin Support
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Compensation Plans

Presentation styles and recruiting tools:

    • Printout your PowerPoint and place in a presentation binder
    • Use an iPad or Tablet for presenting
    • Use your desktop computer and the PowerPoint
    • Use your Career Website for visual presentation

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