The new decade is upon us!  As you look forward to the years ahead it is helpful to take a look back and review the past – the triumph and tribulations!

Dawn of a New Decade: Creating Your 2020 Vision
As a real estate coach, trainer and blogger, at the beginning of every year I share the practice of “Celebrating Your Past Year’s Successes” and then setting your intentions and goals for the New Year. I have never been a fan of “New Year’s Resolutions” which I find to be well intentioned but not effective. Consider how fitness centers are always crowded in January only to be back to the regular membership level by February.

As 2019 ends, we are standing at the dawn of a new decade… the 2020s! I am inspired and excited about making this the best decade ever of my life and want to pass along the practice and work I am currently doing to make that a reality!

A Review of Your Decade
It all starts with a review of what has brought you to this exact moment and space in your life. So, take immediate action by scheduling at least an hour in the next week to do the exercise outlined below. Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Turn off your phone, tablet, TV or computer. Consider doing a meditation or put on some inspiring or uplifting music.

Now, grab a journal or pad of paper and just start writing down the milestones, successes, challenges, highlights, meaningful memories and events of the past ten years of your life. Do this exercise for each individual year starting with 2010 and ending with last year.

  • Download your A Dawn of a New Decade worksheet HERE

Review your calendar for highlights. Go to your Facebook or Instagram timelines to jog your memory. If you are like me and don’t delete your photos – check those out! Use the questions listed below as a guide to help you get started. Just write it all down as a stream of consciousness – no matter how seemingly insignificant.  Just write it down!  Once you start writing, you’ll be surprised at how much you really have to celebrate and reflect on!

  • List all your accomplishments, wins, victories, and successes in that year.
  • List all moment of joy and gratitude.
  • What did you do that you are really proud of?
  • Who came into your life and/or business that year that really made a positive or negative impact on you?
  • What did you love most about your business that year?
  • What did you love most about your personal life that year?
  • What setbacks or challenges did you experience and overcome?
  • What lessons did you gain from any setbacks, challenges or obstacles?

Visualizing Your Next Decade and Beyond!
Once you have completed the exercise of reviewing your past decade and have a clear understanding, awareness and appreciation of everything that has happened both good and bad, you are ready to create the vision and game plan for your 2020s.

My recommendation is to start with the big picture – revisiting the vision for your life. From this point forward, what is your ultimate goal or objective? Picture yourself at the end of your life and write down what you see, feel, and hear. What is really important to you? What is your big “WHY”? What has your life’s journey been all about?

Now, you are ready to take that vision and break it down into the objectives and goals to accomplish in the next 3, 5 and 10 Years. Next, you must set your intentions, goals and create action plans for next year – 2020. Finally, establish accountability and tracking systems that work for you to ensure you stay on your path, always moving forward toward your vision.

  • Set annual goals in all areas of your life
  • Create quarterly targets and objectives
  • Write down your monthly actionable goals
  • Track daily and weekly activities and results
  • Start each day with a powerful routine or practice
  • Get an accountability partner or join a mastermind group


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