Virtual Open Houses

Selecting an Open House

  • Your Listing or one that has:
  • Excellent photos (35-50)
  • 3-D Tour
  • Video Tour
  • Single Property Website (if your listing)
  • Get permission from listing agent in writing or email

Preparation Tips

Virtual Open House Options

  • 100% Virtual via Zoom (Zoom to Facebook Live)
  • On-site at a vacant property or with seller permission AND using Facebook Live
  • By appointment / scheduled 1-1 showings  within a time block for the Open House
  • People register for Open House and you coordinate a 30 –min block
  • Use an app like Calendly to let registrants pick their 30 min window

Advertising & Promotion

  • To drive registrations/ lead generation
  • Create a Facebook Event
  • Create an Eventbrite page
  • Facebook Lead Form Ad
  • Record a video to use for advertising
  • NOTE:  Include information on using Zoom (How to Join a meeting video)
  • Promote to Neighborhood – get a list from the title company or data source like Ivy
  • Mailers
  • Calls and texts
  • Email invitations
  • Send an invitation to your database and buyer prospects via your CRM
  • Add your virtual open house info on LVR, Zillow, etc. (with Zoom Registration Link)
  • Ask the seller to share the invitation and registration info (Do they use Next Door?)
  • Send reminder texts and emails with Zoom info to join the meeting

Conducting the Virtual Open House

  • Be prepared!
  • Zoom practice
  • Have all websites, your Powerpoint and any documents to share open and ready to go
  • Arrive early
  • Welcome guests
  • Introduce Yourself and Share the Powerpoint with Agenda / Process
  • Invite interaction and chat, questions
  • Do a virtual walk-through using the photos, 3-D Tour / Single Property Website

Post Open House

  • Survey participants – use survey monkey or Google forms
  • Add to your CRM and follow-up with a link to Single Property Websites or Your Listings Details Page from your website and links to the video, 3D tours
  • Make follow-up phone calls
  • Add applicable leads to your buyer nurture campaign

Videographers / Photographers


702-720-5553, or Toll Free at 1-844-4-HDREAL (1-844-433-7325) 

Lister Assister  – other services


Wild Dog Digital  
(702) 826-8708

Keith Diamond Photography
Cell 909-912-9491

Empire Home Tours
Jim Lindstrom, (702) 218-0632   


Call/Text: 702.955.4614

Crib Flyer

Agent Marketing

Today’s Downloads

  • Presentation Slide Deck PowerPoint
  • Virtual Open House Resources & Checklist