Here is what we covered in the Live Zoom today:

  • Zoom Setup & New Security (Tuesday Tip)
  • Script to Get Buyer to Meeting
  • Buyer Qualify & Questionnaire
  • Buyer Consultation (PPT)
  • MLS Search Setup – Client Portal
  • Setting Buyer up on Your IDX Website
  • Showing Buyer How to use New Homes Pro (Wed Tip)
  • Sharing Your Home Search App
  • Loyalty Close – Duties Owed & Buyer Brokerage

Setup a free account at

This link above will send you to a Google Drive Folder.  We are using this today because the file size of the Buyer Consultation is huge and it is the easiest way for you to download it for your cutomization.

  • Buyer Info Sheet
  • Buyer Consultation Powerpoint
  • Buyers Guide (Fidelity National Title for Nevada)
  • Relo Guide (Fidelity National Title for Nevada)
  • Zip Code Map for LV (Fidelity National Title)