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In case you missed it.. from NVR today…

Governor defines REALTORS as essential


Last Friday, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said continued operation of non-essential businesses was impairing the state’s ability to prevent the further spread of COVID19. He then issued an emergency regulation defining essential and non-essential businesses as well as parameters for essential businesses to conduct business in the state. Essential Licensed Business means … Professional or technical services including legal, accounting, taxes, payroll, real estate, and property management services … This means REALTORS® are viewed as offering essential services. 

Read the emergency declaration from the Nevada Dept. of Public safety by clicking here.

Nevada REALTORS® are practicing “social distancing” while conducting real estate transactions. They can create virtual property tours and conduct video chats that allow buyers to see properties in a realistic way online. REALTORS® can also conduct virtual listing presentations with sellers.

REALTORS® use electronic documents and are encouraging buyers and sellers to sign paperwork through platforms like DocuSign to minimize in-person contacts. In fact, much of the transaction was already conducted, even before the spread of COVID-19. With an increased use of technology, however, we encourage buyers and sellers to be aware of scams. Before sending money, buyers and sellers should always call their title company, using an independently verified number to confirm wiring instructions.

During property showings and inspections, REALTORS® are encouraging the following to prevent the spread of disease.

  • Having all parties wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer before and after entering a home.
  • Asking buyers to avoid touching anything in the home.
  • Canceling showings if buyers or sellers or others are sick.
  • Opening all interior doors prior to showings to minimize the need for buyers to touch door handles.
  • Turning on all lights before showings to prevent touching light switches.
  • Disinfecting all door handles and high-touch areas prior to and after showings.
  • Having all parties stand six feet away from each other during showings

 Green Valley Office is accessible for those of you who have a Key FOB.  Irene is working remotely from home for now as the building is closed to the general public. Please ensure you are following all COVID-19 protocols and clean up after yourself:)


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