Here is the recap along with the handouts from our May Company Meeting…

Judy – TC Service – Compliance

  • TURN IN YOUR FILES WITHIN 72 HOURS of Contract Dates

Green Valley Transfer Update

  • We are waiting for reimbursement of the $75 deposits and will reimburse those who paid $75 at that time

  • GV Listings: We need all Listing Transfer forms signed by this week,  This applies to ER, UC listings in GV

  • Michelle to mail in all transfer paperwork to the RE Division by Friday

  • All supplies, signs and other items to be moves to Sahara next Tuesday, 


NEW LISTING AGREEMENTincorporates the MLS Clear Cooperation Policy. We will let you know when we will start using this updated form in Dotloop.


EM Disputes – The Process

  • We should never tell a client that they will automatically get their EM back  – even if they are within their due diligence or other clauses in the RPA.  

  • Even though there is language to that effect in RPA, Escrow will only release EM upon mutual written instructions.

  • Should a seller refuse to release EM for any reason – this is the process:

    • The complainant can apply for mediation through LVR ($250) or the Neighborhood Justice Center (NJC -free for Clark County residents!).  See attachments for more info

    • The  NJC process is pretty straightforward – the complainant completes the attached form (disregard the third party authorization area). It will take 2-3 days for a case manager assigned to contact the complainant.  Then they contact the respondent and set a mediation date.

      • Mediation is not binding but is oftentimes successful

      • If a solution is not reached in mediation or the respondent refuses to mediate/doesn’t show up, the complainant can then go to small claims court

    • We try to get both parties to agree at our level – broker to broker

    • If there is a stalemate and neither party will compromise or seller doesn’t release the EM or buyer won’t release to seller when out of contract – MEDIATION is the next step!


Latest Governor’s Directives – NVR Updates impacting Real Estate

  • TENANT OCCUPIED PROPERTIES – No showings or open houses until May 30th – then we see if it is lifted or extended


Can I host open houses, beginning on May 16th for seller occupied or vacant properties?

Nothing has changed as far as the Governor’s guidance on no open houses at this time.  The ONLY thing that has changed is his directive has been extended until May 30th.  In addition, REALTORS® should make every effort to avoid in-person transactions and services to the extent practicable. While you as a REALTOR® are still deemed an essential service, how you conduct yourself at this time could potentially impact that designation in the coming weeks and months. Although one-on-one showings are still allowed in non-tenant occupied properties, be sure to adopt precautionary measures and COVID-19 risk mitigation practices to minimize the risk of the spread of the disease.


When open house activity does resume after May 30th*, it is imperative that everyone follows proper social distancing guidelines as prescribed by the CDC including: 

  • Limiting the number of people in the property at one time and limiting the number of people to no more than 10 congregating outside the property;

  • Using Strict sanitation measures, including cleaning in between potential buyers viewing the property;

  • Promote frequent and thorough hand washing, including visitors with a place to wash their hands. If soap and running water are not immediately available, provide alcohol‐based hand rubs containing at least 60% alcohol.

  • PPE usage- Any employee, or agent of the brokerage who interacts with the general public is encouraged to wear appropriate face coverings/masks and proper PPE;

  • Monitoring illness- Anyone sick, feeling sick, or recently sick should stay home.  


Great Article from Realtor Magazine


30 Day Challenge Content is all here:


  • Empire Home Tours

Jim Lindstrom, (702) 218-0632

Rich’s Property at 617 Proud Eagle – Empire Home Tours Example


  • Keith Diamond Photography

Cell 909-912-9491


  • Wild Dog Digital 

(702) 826-8708


  • Virtuance

Scottie Casey, Sales and Marketing Consultant – Las Vegas

702-720-5553, or Toll Free at 1-844-4-HDREAL (1-844-433-7325)


  • LV3D

Virag Jackson, Owner

Call/Text: 702.955.4614


June Training Calendar will be out this week

Rich’s May Market Update – see April stats attached