We embrace and highly recommend using video in your overall business and marketing plan. Video is a game changer and you can truly stand apart from your competitors with consistent and quality videos.  Enhance your brand and make your mark as a local real estate market expert with more video!

Evergreen Videos

You might want to consider hiring a local videographer or company to shoot and produce some quality videos for your business that you will use frequently.  Some examples of evergreen videos for your business include:

  • About Me/Our Team – Introduce Yourself and Your Services
  • Buyer Focused Services
  • Pre-Listing Package Video
  • Your Listing Marketing Plan
  • Seller Tips Series
  • Buyer Tips Series

Where and how to use these videos:

  • Create a playlist on your YouTube Channel
  • Add a playlist on your Facebook page
  • Post on social media
  • Include them in your client and lead follow-up campaigns

44 Ideas for Facebook Live or Video Creation

  • Use your camera on your mobile phone to record a video
  • Facebook Live (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube all have live options)
  • BeLive https://belive.tv/ This cool program allows you more flexibility, features, branding with your Live video.  You can broadcast solo, conduct an interview or even use a talk show format where you can invite and talk to 3 guests.
  1. Local market updates
  2. Neighborhood tours
  3. Local Business Spotlight
  4. Open House invitation
  5. Live open house tour
  6. Behind the scenes at a home inspection or walkthrough
  7. Client testimonial & interview
  8. Market update for your farm
  9. New business or restaurant opening
  10. Community spotlight (parks, recreation, museums, entertainment, sports)
  11. 10 cool things to do for families in your city
  12. Your top 5 restaurant recommendations
  13. The best coffee shops in town
  14. Favorite shopping spots
  15. Interview a lender about financing programs/ trends
  16. Interview a title or escrow officer
  17. Interview a home inspector
  18. Interview a home warranty rep – why you need one, what you need to know
  19. Interview a home stager
  20. Your top 5 home selling tips
  21. Your top 5 home buying tips
  22. Q & A session with a buyer or seller
  23. Tips for investors/buying investment properties
  24. Explain the short sale process
  25. Discuss the value of upgrades and renovations to a home
  26. 10 Reasons to Live in Your City
  27. Promote an upcoming community event, festival, concert
  28. Holiday – specific tips and ideas
  29. Resources for real estate (zoning, utilities, crime statistics, relo, schools)
  30. Local sports teams news and events
  31. New home builder updates or home tour
  32. Home Maintenance Tips
  33. Home Staging Tips
  34. Real Estate Industry news
  35. 5 Day Trips/Staycations in your city
  36. Best places to hike in your area
  37. Top questions to ask your lender
  38. Top 5 things to enhance your curb appeal
  39. Explain the escrow and closing process
  40. Discuss typical closing costs for buyers and sellers
  41. Answer common questions you get from your clients
  42. Share a topic you are passionate about (social media, negotiation, etc.)
  43. Back to school tips
  44. School information and resources

Take a peek at how we have formatted our videos on our Facebook Page and our YouTube Channel

Let’s Connect!

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