Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien welcome Judee Huffington to the WBNL Podcast Studio.  Judee knows how to dot the Is and cross the Ts in a real estate transaction and will share her TC experiences and why the TC is such an important part of your business.




Judee Huffington

Today we welcome Judee Huffington to the WBNL Podcast Studio.  Judee has been central to the operation of The Brodkin Group and has taken their compliance department to a higher level than most you find in the industry.  She is keenly aware of the obstacles that arise during a typical transaction and can help steer the file out of harm’s way.

Judee has recently opened Prestigious TC, her personal transaction coordination brand, so that she can widen her agent base and help more people find peace of mind throughout their transactions.

The process starts with a personal interview during which Judee and the agent set expectations and determine if there is a solid fit.  Everyone plays a role in the process and it’s important to set the game plan up front.

Other standard offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Customizable plans to fit your business
  • Monthly tips to keep your business on track
  • Shared calendar to maintain timelines & deadlines
  • Regular file updates
  • An Agent Referral Program

“When you hire a real estate transaction coordinator, you instantly gain a trusted ally on your side. As your real estate Transaction Coordinator I have the one thing you need to complete the sale: industry experience with years of real estate know-how. I am here to help you boost your brand and grow your business with an added value.”

To learn more, or to set up a personal interview, contact Judee at or 801-228-8103 and on FaceBook @PrestigiousTC


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